About Me

My name is Ke Fang, a former machine learning engineer(image/face generation) and now a self-employed developer. Driven by curiosity for new things, I began my solo development journey in December 2022.

我是 Ke Fang(有点实名羞耻)网络昵称是碎瓜Mazzystar曾经是算法工程师因为脑子里有太多未完成的想法而倍感折磨从 2022 年底开始我选择离职并开始个人开发之旅

I write bilingually: Chinese is my native language, allowing me to express my flair for writing, and English is translated by GPT-4, enabling me to convey my ideas to a wider audience.

我用双语写作中文是我的母语让我能自由地使用最精确的措辞完成表达因为一些文章(#1, #2, #3)登上 Hacker News 首页有了一批英语读者所以我也会使用 GPT-4 将文章翻译成英语让我的想法触及到世界上更多地区的人们


Here are some of the software/websites I have created:

See more at Sublink, where I created a collection for my works.


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I can proudly say that Queryable is the first natural language photo album search product that operates offline on mobile phones. Dolores is the result of my exploration into whether LLM+Memory can produce the so-called ‘consciousness’.However, due to the rapid shift of users towards pornographic content, which contradicted my interests, I have temporarily suspended this project. My third product is a playful tool I created in an afternoon called ‘最佳平替’ Surprisingly, it gained 400,000 users within 12 days of launch and reached a peak daily active user count of 150,000. I have no expectations for its future; I just hope it continues to be fun.

我最自豪的产品是寻隐它是世界上第一个将 CLIP 模型嵌入在手机上从而使用自然语言(“草坪上的黄衣女孩”)搜索相册我最终将它开源另一个是 Dolores它是我用 LLM+记忆机制探索 AI 是否能产生意识的产物由于用户的使用迅速转向色情内容与我的兴趣相违因此暂停了此项目第三个产品是最佳平替它是一个下午完成的玩具但在上线 12 天后有了 40 万用户最高 15 万日活我对它的未来不抱期望只希望它继续保持好玩


I love music, especially blues and jazz, classic rock. Pink Floyd, Mazzy Star, The Doors, Dire Straits, 万能青年旅店, 罗大佑, Leonard Cohen, and Sophie Zelmani have shaped who I am today. Some of them taught me to pursue meaning, while others forced me to accept meaninglessness. They have all led me away from the mundane, towards compassion, empathy, and a spirit of rebellion.

我喜欢音乐特别是爵士Blues 和摇滚最喜欢的乐队和音乐人包括Pink Floyd, Mazzy Star, The Doors, Dire Straits, 万能青年旅店, 罗大佑, Leonard Cohen, 和 Sophie Zelmani他们中的一些人教会我追求生命的意义而另一些人则强迫我接受人生毫无意义但他们都无一例外地引导我远离市侩拥有同理心和反叛精神故事 FM 邓安庆那期他说写作就像是一层保护膜让他不至于跟现实世界里的生活正面肉搏也许音乐是我的保护膜

I have tried to create music:

and even attempted to generate long-term raw audio using my specially designed Hierarchical GANs.

甚至设计了一个级联 GAN 模型来生成长旋律钢琴片段(2018 年的工作)


I got a cute puppy called rabbit and it became a part of my life.

rabbit 13 months/兔子13个月 (2024.01)

rabbit 6 months/兔子6个月

rabbit 3 months/兔子3个月

rabbit 2 months/兔子2个月

rabbit 1 month/兔子1个月