About Me

My name is Ke Fang, a former machine learning engineer(image/face generation) and now a self-employed developer. Driven by curiosity for new things, I began my solo development journey in December 2022.

I write bilingually: Chinese is my native language, allowing me to express my flair for writing, and English is translated by GPT-4, enabling me to convey my ideas to a wider audience.


Here are some of the software/websites I have created:

See more at Sublink, where I created a collection for my works.

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I can proudly say that Queryable is the first natural language photo album search product that operates offline on mobile phones. Dolores is the result of my exploration into whether LLM+Memory can produce the so-called ‘consciousness’.


I love music, especially blues and jazz, classic rock. Pink Floyd, Mazzy Star, The Doors, Dire Straits, 万能青年旅店, 罗大佑, Leonard Cohen, and Sophie Zelmani have shaped who I am today. Some of them taught me to pursue meaning, while others forced me to accept meaninglessness. They have all led me away from the mundane, towards compassion, empathy, and a spirit of rebellion.

I have tried to create music:

and even attempted to generate long-term raw audio using my specially designed Hierarchical GANs.


I got a cute puppy called rabbit and it became a part of my life.

"rabbit 6 month"

"rabbit 3 month"

"rabbit 2 month"

"rabbit 1 month"